Hellblazer may have retired from the world, enjoying an afterlife as the New 52's Constantine, but there's still plenty of artwork to enjoy from Hellblazer's occasional fill-in artist, Gael Bertrand. Bertrand can draw Superman or Captain America with the best of them, but his real charm comes through in the characters he creates himself: a family that keeps tiny dragons, a Victorian lady gunslinger who travels by airship, a modern mythological warrior whose prey combines Greco-Roman chimerism with a touch of kaiju destruction and a self-aware robot who trades chess for a more violent activity.

In addition to his comics gigs, Bertrand works as an artist for Gameloft. He created many of the pieces in his deviantART gallery as responses to the Outland Collective art challenges. A couple of those responses, notably his steampunk heroine Constance Chesterton (and the "Cogs of Karma), look ready for a comic series of their own.

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