If George Lucas had filmed what was in his original script for the movie he was then calling The Star Wars, it would have been quite a different film. Han Solo would have been a lizard guy. Darth Vader would have had no mechanical suit, and Anakin (or Annikin) Skywalker would have been an entirely different guy. Luke would have been a bearded, older guy.

Folks who are curious about how that version of the story would have played out will get their chance to see just that when Dark Horse starts up an eight-issue adaptation of that original script Sept. 4. USA Today snagged a video trailer for the series, along with a preview, which you can catch after the cut.


The writer of the series will be J.W. Rinzler, who is also an executive editor at LucasBooks. Mike Mayhew, who has drawn a good many Vampirella comics, Marvel's Mystique series, issues of She-Hulk, and some Avengers work, will handle art duties.



[Via USA Today]

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