It's the team-up you didn't see coming. Following appearances in Riverdale from the likes of President Barack Obama, Sarah Palin and KISS, one more celebrity has found his way into the pages of Archie Comics: None other than Star Trek's Mr. Sulu (and Twitterer extraordinaire) himself, George Takei.Takei will appear in the sixth issue of Archie's Kevin Keller series following a chance meeting between Kevin's creator, Dan Parent, and the actor at a convention. Archie is keeping the reason for the meeting, and the plot for the story, under wraps currently, but considering Takei has become as well known for his gay rights activism as his Star Trek role in recent years, something tells me fans should expect a story centering on Kevin's own status as an openly gay character.

Kevin Keller #6 will be released in November. The One Million Moms press release condemning the comic, Takei, and Archie Comics will most likely be released within the week.

[Via Buzzfeed]

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