We've talked about Kerry Callen before for his amazing renditions of what Marvel comics would look like if they'd been published in DC's Silver Age, but today, he's gone back even further to re-imagine the origin of Batman... and somehow make it even stranger.

Admittedly, that's no easy task, since Batman's origin is already pretty strange to begin with. After all, if people were routinely inspired to become vigilantes by whatever crashes through their window, there would be an awful lot of suburban neighborhoods being patrolled by guys dressed as baseballs. Callen, however, puts a different spin on things.

Check out the full strip and an appearance by Golden Age Superman after the jump!

And so was born this weird figure of the night! It does raise a question, though: If dressing like Vigilante Dracula gave rise to villains like the Joker, the Riddler and Two-Face -- who in many ways reflect elements of Batman himself -- what sort of bad guys would Shards-Of-Glass-Man fight? The Hemophiliac? Lexan Luthor? Ra's al-Glazier?

In addition to Shards-Of-Glass-Man, Callen has also provided what is quite possibly my favorite Golden Age Superman story of all time:

For more great art, check out Callen's website!