At San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday, DC announced that writer Grant Morrison has two new projects launching with the publisher in 2016. The first is a sequel to this year's acclaimed Multiversity. Called, of course, Multiversity Too, the new book will take the form of a series of graphic novels throughout next year. For the second project, Morrison will take the lead on a series of Batman: Black and White graphic novels working with various artists.




Multiversity Too will follow up from this year's Multiversity - but more accurately, from the guidebook issue that came out partway through the run. A series of graphic novels, each will focus on a different world within the DC Multiverse, ably visualized above. DC hinted at a return to the Pax Americana world populated by Charlton characters, as well as visits to the New Reichsmen of Earth-10 and the Justice Guild of Earth-11, a team made up entirely of women. There'll also be a look into some of the 'unknown' worlds teased in the first series. (DC has confirmed that one of those worlds will be Earth M, the returned Milestone Media universe.)

The first graphic novel is titled Multiversity Too: The Flash, and will be published in 2016. Disappointingly, there is no artist currently attached to the project. Hopefully DC will give us a full creative team shortly.

The Batman: Black and White graphic novels will follow the example of previous installments in exploring different approaches to Batman. Again, there are no artists named for the project --- and if you don't have an artist, DC, you really shouldn't make an announcement! -- though DC notes that this will be an ongoing anthology series.

Morrison's long run on the Batman titles was seen by some as possibly definitive, closing statements on superheroes by the author; it's interesting to learn today that he's still got more he wants to say.

Both Multiversity Too and Batman: Black and White will launch next year.

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