Following Greg Rucka's departure from DC Comics, fans knew the writer would stay busy with new projects, but the future of his superhero work seemed a little unclear. That's why Ruckaphiles who follow the capes and tights set will be stoked to see the "Queen & Country" and "Whiteout" scribe's name along side Sean McKeever, Paul Tobin, Mike Mayhew and others in Marvel's October 13 release of "I Am An Avenger" #2.Here's how Marvel bills the anthology title:

"The star-studded Avengers anthology continues as Greg Rucka makes his return to mighty Marvel with a tale of the star-spangled Avenger Steve Rogers! Honoring the fallen of the Siege of Asgard, the former Captain America will never let them be forgotten! When two separate nights out on the town result in ex-Avengers (and ex-soulmates) Firestar and Justice bumping into each other, the truly unexpected happens! Plus, with so many different (and hungry!) Avengers converging in New York, what's on the day's menu for Jarvis?"

Joe Quesada spoke with CBR about Rucka's contribution back in July, sharing his excitement for both the story and potentially an ongoing working relationship with the creator:

"I read the script just this morning, it's great. He found a very specific moment and action to explore, and built it into a very personal story that's about Steve Rogers. That's a great place to bring in someone like Greg, who hasn't played on this side of the aisle for a while, and put him in a position where he's telling a story that means something to him. He can do what he does best and what he wants to do and get his feet wet in our waters again. Hopefully that leads to more work down the line."

See a few preview pages from "I Am An Avenger" #2 below:

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