It won't quite hit the scale of Tokyo Disney, but a new mini theme park dedicated to all things Gundam will surely be the mech-iest place on Earth when it opens up on April 19. According to Sankei News, Bandai's Gundam Front miniature theme park will open at Diver City Tokyo this spring and come complete with all the giant robot trimmings, including the full-scale Mobile Suit Gundam RX-78 statue that's been towering above various locations over the past few years. It's not exactly a roller coaster, but it might consist of about as much metal.

Some areas of the park will be free, but if you want to see the good stuff -- including a huge hemispherical dome theater showing Gundam videos, a project display zone, an archive counter , spots for taking photos with models of Gundam characters and other touristy goodness -- adult visitors will have to fork over 1,000 Yen. The free zones at the place are basically just gift shops for Gundam merch and model kids, plus a Gundam cafe featuring appropriately-themed eats. That's nothing to scoff at if you really love giant robots, though. I still want to try fried Gundam.

Scope out concept images from the Gundam mini theme park below:

[Via ANN]

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