Ultimate Wolverine, like a lot of characters, met his maker in the "Ultimatum" event, but it looks like there's a new sullen teen with bone claws pounding the pavement of the Ultimate Universe.

Is it a reinvigorated Wolverine? Blonde Ultimate Dakken? Is Ultimate X-23 a dude? An 2002 extreme sports DVD in mutant form? Ultimate Clawy Edward Cullen? So many questions!

ComicVine has the solicitation info for the upcoming title by Jeph Loeb and Art Adams, which read a little like this:

"Who-or what-is Ultimate X? The answers and even more secrets arrive in the all new ULTIMATE X ongoing bi-monthly series from the superstar dream team of JEPH LOEB and ART ADAMS. Wolverine is dead. Captain America is a fugitive. The Fantastic Four disbanded. Lives have been destroyed and nothing can ever be the same-is there any hope left? It all begins with a search for a brand new character whose identity will leave jaws on the floor and change the Ultimate Universe forever."

Allow me some unfounded, obnoxious speculation here: Ultimate X is the other son of Steve Rogers (not the Red Skull) and Wolverine. The two went and pulled an Arnold Schwarzenegger "Junior" scenario with Wolverine carrying the baby back during WWII. Yeah, that's totally it.

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