Now that Hasbro's Marvel Universe line has had a few years to amass dozens of X-Men, there's never been a better time to find creative ways of (pretend) wiping them from the face of your favorite shelves. Hasbro is heartily indulging this horrifying impulse at San Diego Comic-Con International this summer with the release of an exclusive 16" Marvel Universe Sentinel. The towering mutie-killing machine will be available at at the booth (#3329), with a limited number likely popping up at the retailer's website after the show.The Sentinel clocks in an about an inch shorter than last summer's Galactus exclusive and doesn't come with a pack-in figure, but it does come in a huge box featuring art by Joe Quesada and sports light-up eyes and mutant-murdering sounds. Just wait 'till your puny 3.75" Wolverine gets a load of this guy! He'll be all "YERRRRGH!"

No word on a price point yet, but considering its similarities in scale and packaging, it's safe to assume it'll run in the $50-60 range like Galactus did last summer.

See Hasbro's SDCC exclusive 18" Sentinel figure and packaging below:

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