In the days leading up to San Diego Comic-Con, Hasbro once again turned to the internet to open up nominations for this year's Marvel Legends Fan Vote. The elite eight finalists were then pitted against one another during the show, with the results of who would be moving onto the final four kept secret... until today.

The four candidates vying for action figure greatness in the 6" Marvel Legends line will be perennial Thunderbolt threats Citizen V and Songbird; longtime Daredevil foil Typhoid Mary; and the ultimate dark horse Spider-Man villain that almost no one saw coming, White Rabbit. Only the winner of the next round of voting is guaranteed to become a future Marvel Legends figure.


White Rabbit



To say I'm not familiar with White Rabbit would be a great injustice to all the characters whose names I've actually heard before and at least knew they existed.

Inspired by the Lewis Caroll tale, White Rabbit has been part of the Spider-Man rogues' gallery for more than three decades, yet this is the first time I can honestly say I've ever heard of her. She must have done something cool to warrant her inclusion in vote, but it's also not like her competition in the previous round was all that stiff. She beat out Terror, who wasn't relevant for years until getting a bit of a new lease on life in the comics as one of Deadpool's Mercs for Money. They are running out of Spider-Man villains to include though, so I guess she makes a modicum of sense... to someone.


Typhoid Mary



Typhoid Mary is a longtime Daredevil foe, and was even more recently seen over in the X-books battling Storm and her team alongside the Sisterhood. That feels like an eternity ago in comic book time though. This is a bit of a risque pick for an action figure, though there are interpretations of the character that are a little more Target-friendly.

Unlike White Rabbit, Songbird and Citizen V, Typhoid Mary did actually get an action figure at the tail end of the '90s. It wasn't great, and she's at least got some pedigree towards having earned a figure what with her history with Marvel's greatest blind attorney. She'd be a keen fit for the Netflix Jessica Jones/Punisher wave, whenever that happens.





Ah, Songbird. Of all the characters in this fan vote, Songbird is the only one to have gotten a prototype figure from Hasbro for the 6" Marvel Legends line. It just never saw the light of day beyond prototype form. It's probably for the best, as that figure wasn't exactly anything to write home about.

The Marvel Legends line has come a long way since that day however, and a newly sculpted Songbird would be a terrific addition to the line. Particularly so for the fans that have been waiting for her inclusion since the first figure was shown. As always, the Marvel Legends line can use some more female villain presence, and Songbird's mixed allegiances make her a solid fit on that front too.


Citizen V



Citizen V is a character that's long been a fan-favorite, but somehow never caught on enough to draw an action figure of his own. Zemo is kind of a big deal again, sort of, so maybe the time is right for his Thunderbolt alter-ego to get his moment in the spotlight.

The costume would translate well enough, and he's not such a deep cut that most collectors wouldn't at least know who he is by seeing him on a shelf. His incarnation of the Thunderbolts hasn't been around for quite some time though, so more casual buyers might be less interested. This is for a fan vote however, so his lineage and style make him well-suited to take on the rest of the competition.

The voting will open on Aug. 8 on Marvel's Facebook page. Make your voice heard if you hope to see your favorite beat the odds.