If there's one thing we can count on at San Diego Comic-Con, it's getting an update on the next batch of characters to be immortalized by Hasbro in the Marvel Legends action figure line. Still kicking strong after all these years, the Marvel Legends brand has been home to a number of outstanding releases as of late, but this SDCC may have taken the cake as the best for reveals yet. Don't believe me? Feast your eyes on this gallery showing of the latest additions from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, some deep cuts from the comics, and if you can believe it, more X-Men!

The highlights of Hasbro's Marvel showings were clearly Ms. Marvel, Jessica Jones (both in Netflix and Jewel forms), a classic Dazzler, and the Warlock build-a-figure from the next X-Men wave. As great as the Marvel Legends team has been about sprinkling in characters that you'd never expect to get, a Jessica Jones figure was about as far from possible in my eyes as anything in the Marvel catalog. I suppose getting a Netflix show really raises your odds. Ms. Marvel was a clearer choice to be in line for a figure, given her statue in the current Marvel Universe, and though it's taken her a bit longer than expected, we're glad to see her as part of the line.

Eleswhere, you'll notice there are more figures coming with effect accessories, such as Wonder Man's kinetic hands and the new Doctor Strange getting an updated mystical array. We spoke with Marvel Legends' senior design manager Dwight Stall about these effects, and whether or not we'd see more down the line.

"That’s the cool thing about superheroes, they’re not limited to the reality of this world," Stall said. "They have the ability to have magic spells or control fire. We know that’s a fun way kids and fans like to play. They want to recreate what they see on screen or what they read in the comics. It did take us a lot longer than it probably should have, but we’re glad to be at the party now making these cool little snap-ons.

"There are a few more I want do develop for future use. We need some cosmic effects, we need some of those quantum/atom symbol effects, some Kirby crackle would be great. We’re looking to figure out a way to do more as we go forward."

But seriously, how about that Warlock build-a-figure? That's about as great a throwback as you can ever dream for as a fan of the New Mutants. Plus, you'll be getting a Colossus, Cyclops, Dazzler, Sunfire and a Polaris to help build him. That's a powerfully strong wave.

While characters like Monica Rambeau, Invisible Woman and new Dark Phoenix Jean Grey weren't actually at the show, they were announced as coming in the next year or so during Hasbro's panel. Perhaps we'll get a better look at them at New York Comic Con, but even without them present, it's clear Marvel Legends is headed in some great directions through 2017.


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