The first round of Hasbro's new adult-oriented Marvel Legends role play accessories isn't even out yet, but the company is already looking to you to inspire what comes next. Of course the announcement came while I was out on vacation last week (h/t ToyArk), so I didn't have time to properly Kermit-flail all over the house at some of the prospective choices. Cyclops' visor with light-up action? The Infinity Gauntlet with sparkly jewels and sounds? Black Widow's gauntlets to go with any outfit? I'll take two, don't bother boxing them up; I'm wearing them out of the store, thank you very much.

It's up to you to vote for the products that will follow up Captain America's shield and Iron Man's helmet, both of which are due to arrive later this summer. Since unifying the adult collector lines under the Marvel Legends banner officially late last year, Hasbro's been on a bit of a tear with its announced products. There are a lot of strong figures coming from the Legends line in both scales. It's the adult role play line, which finally gives people a chance to own replicas born from their favorite heroes or villains without having to play Hollywood replica prices, that has me most excited for Marvel Legends. Especially if we get some of these suggested prop toys.

In addition to the Cyclops, Black Widow and Thanos items listed above, there are 13 more different role play items to pick from. Among the choices are:

  • Thor's Mjolnir
  • Thor's helmet
  • Black Widow's gauntlets
  • Ant Man's helmet
  • Wasp's helmet
  • Captain America's helmet
  • Iron Man's gauntlet
  • Spider-Man's mask
  • Spider-Man's web shooter
  • Star-Lord's mask
  • Thanos' Infinity Gauntlet
  • Gamora's sword
  • Magneto's helmet
  • Cyclops' visor
  • Deadpool's mask
  • Wolverine's mask

There are some interesting choices among the obvious ones like Spider-Man's and Wolverine's masks. I don't know how you'd make any of those cloth masks all that interesting or different from a costume shop's version, but that's Hasbro's problem to solve. Wasp's helmet definitely piqued my interest, as it's barely been seen in any of the films, and the comic character hasn't worn a helmet since I've been alive. The ones we saw in Ant-Man were definitely cool, though the version the original Wasp wore in the film had a more interesting aesthetic. It's not clear which one Hasbro will make, but Ant-Man 2 isn't due out until 2018, and it would be a shame to have to wait that long to find out.

Also, I appreciate adding Gamora into the mix, particularly given that the sequel to Guardians of the Galaxy will be out in 2017, but her sword is not all that special. Swords in general, unless they are extremely iconic like Excalibur or the Sword of Omens, are pretty blah as far as I'm concerned. Given that there are only three female accessories that even make the list, it's a shame to find that one has to be a boring blade.

You can only vote for four, and you have to vote by ranking your desire for those four items in order of "Most Wanted." You can only vote once, so make sure you've got your picks straight before you hit that submit button. There's no end date listed just yet, but if you want Black Widow gauntlets to happen, and to happen sooner rather than never, head to Hasbro Pulse now. People have been fighting for better representation for Marvel's leading ladies, and this is another chance to make your voice heard.


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