How many Marvel Legends is too many Marvel Legends? Trick question; you can never have enough. Hasbro more than proved that this weekend at Toy Fair when it announced a wealth of new characters and figures for the 6", 3.75" and new 12" Marvel Legends lines. The all-encompasing collector brand is now home to every last figure that comes with more than five points of articulation, and while that has bristled some fans, the singular branding does make it that much clearer which figures are meant for the more mature collector. Regardless of your age though, there were plenty of announcements to get excited about for Marvel Legends' 2016 line-up.

First and foremost, Miles Morales is getting a figure. It's about damn time. An entirely new teen boy body has been developed for the line, which means Miles and the new Ultimate Spider-Man Peter Parker coming will have distinctly slimmer frames than the existing Spider figures. That also bodes well for the future of teen heroes in the line. The upcoming Spider-Man series will also see Silk and Nico Minoru make the leap to action figure form for the very first time. Nico's managed to carve out a nice little niche in the Marvel Universe after the 75 times Runaways was canceled, and I never thought we'd see her get a figure. Silk has a been a hot character since joining the Spider-verse, and along with the recently-released Spider-Gwen, she should help round out that portion of the Legends line.

Hasbro's also back to bringing the X-Men to life, and a new wave (teased at NYCC last year) will debut sometime in 2016. Cable, Deadpool, Havok and Iceman will be joined by the previously shown '90s Rogue, a new Kitty Pryde with Lockheed, and a Phoenix Jean Grey. The build-a-figure for this line was not revealed, though there's a tiny Magneto helmet floating around with the figures that looks like it can be swapped onto the Onslaught BAF that just hit with the latest Captain America series. All the sculpts look great, particularly Cable and Deadpool, though you can never go wrong with a new Kitty Pryde figure.

A Captain America: Civil War version of Scarlet Witch will round out the upcoming movie tie-in set, which already hosts Iron Man, Captain America, Black Panther, Nick Fury, Red Guardian and Nuke. The movie Wanda Maximoff is fairly accurate, and looks much better than the comic Scarlet Witch released a few waves ago. Black Panther's movie costume continues to impress, and this version of the character is going to be a hot property for sure. There's a new Secret War Captain America figure coming, too, and it will be among the first to include motion accessories. Hasbro's adding more of these to upcoming figures since there have been so many Caps and Iron Men released, and they'll definitely look sharp on display out of the package. Hopefully they hold up a bit better than previous effects like Doctor Strange's magic, as those were fairly flimsy pieces.

Not present on the show floor were a handful of store exclusive items. Six-inch versions of the Winter Soldier and Falcon from Civil War will be coming to Walmart, while War Machine and Iron Man's MK XXVII armor will be a two-pack for Target. The figures looked nice, but the real hype belongs to the Toys 'R Us exclusive Kate Bishop, Sam Wilson Captain America and Vision pack. We're getting a Kate Bishop, you guys. I hope the final figure looks as good as the prototype did. Walgreen's will be home to the 6" Namor that's been teased, as well as a new Jim Lee-inspired Punisher, complete with headband. On the 3.75" front, Agent 13 and Black Panther will share a two-pack at TRU, as will Captain America and Iron Man.

The high-end roleplay gear looked terrific in person, but it's going to be hard to justify $100 for the Captain America shield. The Iron Man helmet at least has some functionality at that price point. There will be some exclusive kid's roleplay gear released this year too, including Kohl's Captain America shield and mask, and TRU's Black Panther mask and claws. The Cap pack isn't all that different from what's been released before, but getting Black Panther roleplay gear out is a great idea. That mask is wonderful and looks great even in kiddie plastic form.

We did get to see the movie version of Doctor Strange in Legends form, but were not able to take pictures. It certainly looks like Doctor Strange from the film. The costuming is definitely a different take on the classic cloak and tunic, but without having seen the film it's hard to say definitively just how good of a figure it is. There's no indication as to who or what will also be included along with Doctor Strange, or even if he is getting his own line or a standalone release.