Though much of Hasbro’s upcoming plans for Star Wars remain under tight lock and key, the company did preview a handful of new figures during New York Comic Con. It’s not surprising that so few Star Wars figures are being shown considering just how secretive Disney and Lucasfilm are being about the upcoming sequel. Very few characters not shown in trailers or official photos have been teased or released previously, but that didn’t mean there weren’t a few exciting reveals this week.

To this point, the only classic trilogy character to get a new figure for The Force Awakens lines has been Chewbacca, but the Wookie’s best friend and co-pilot will soon join him. Old man Han Solo was the centerpiece of Hasbro’s Black Series unveilings at NYCC this week, and rightfully so. The iconic smuggler with a heart of gold has long been a fan favorite, and he’s one of the few returning heroes to have made an official appearance in promotion for The Force Awakens. Sure, there were some characters on display, too, but it’s hard not to feel a bit sentimental for a Han Solo figure based on a aged Harrison Ford.

Unlike the young Han Solo from earlier in the Black Series line, this new figure shares much more of a likeness to Harrison Ford himself, even if it isn’t exact. The previous figures (pilot Han, Hoth Han and Stormtrooper Han) were stylized interpretations of the original trilogy’s Ford, but were recognizable more for the costuming than the portrait. The Force Awakens version is immediately recognizable not just as Solo but as Ford, too.

The previously seen Captain Phasma and First Order TIE Pilot were on hand, as well as the existing Rey figure. New Black Series reveals included the official debuts of General Hux, X-Wing Pilot Asty, the Resistance Trooper, and the First Order Snowtrooper. Asty is definitely the coolest-looking new character in the set (aside from Phasma), though the Snowtrooper's revamped style is a close second. The Resistance Trooper will surely help some army builders get a nice complement to the First Order army, but the jury is still out on General Hux. The rumors about the character's importance to the series will mean a lot with regards to how desirable his figure will become. As it stands, he's just another dude in a black trenchcoat, and isn't immediately impressive.

The Hero series of 12" figures will soon see Rey and the First Order TIE Pilot, as well as a BB-8 in 2016. While the larger human figures certainly look good and will likely make good fodder for kids, the BB-8 will probably be a hot commodity across the board. It will be the first version (at least that we've seen) that includes any of BB-8's additional functions like a saw blade arm and a electrified appendage. Plus his being in scale with the 12" figures means versus the Sphero and Hasbro remote controlled versions, you could have a comparably-sized BB-8 for a decent price (and less functionality) if you're willing to wait until next year.

Elsewhere, the Black Series is expanding to include roleplay gear. Kylo Ren's helm will be the first entry in the replica line, which is much more detailed and comprehensive than the existing role play gear aimed at kids. There will also be a series of die-cast mini-helmets featuring iconic masks and gear coming in 2016. They'll be sold in two-packs like the vehicle reproductions, and could make a nice desk adornment for fans looking to share their Star Wars love on more than some shelves at home.

Hasbro will likely have more hints as to the future of the Star Wars line during NYCC this week, so stay tuned for any more developments.


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