Once in awhile a mysterious box of wonderment arrives at your office and before you can tear it open like a raptor a little voice inside stops you and whispers, "Stop! Hammer Time!" Yesterday, thanks to the gracious folks handling Hasbro's PR efforts, I briefly occupied a headspace replete with genie pants before rocketing across Bifröst to the realm of Asgard. Some serious Thor movie toys had arrived! I say thee yay!I've been piling 3.75" Thor movie action figures on my desk for a month or so now, but was having trouble deciding between Hasbro's deluxe Thor Lightning Hammer and the smaller, squishier Nerf Mjolnir. Thanks to this timely delivery, it looks like my mighty Marvel armory (which includes an Iron Man 2 helmet and... hopefully a Captain America: The First Avenger shield soon) will have the more robust of the two.

The only bummer in the box came when I tried to don the Armor of Asgard Thor Helmet. The thing is just too small for my massive noggin. It's not a surprise, exactly, but an unnecessary reminder that I share more in common with Hulk's foe the Leader than I'd like.

Check out images from my Thor toy unboxing/indulgent action figure posing below:

Thors ahoy!
Assembling some Avengers

Whosoever holds this hammer, if she be worthy...

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