If our weekly Ask Chris column isn't enough of definitive comic book (and pro wrestling) opinions for you, good news: ComicsAlliance is proud to present Here's The Thing, a series of videos where you can join our own extremely opinionated senior writer, Chris Sims, as he sits in his living room under a framed portrait of Destro, drinking a cup of coffee and sharing his opinion on comic books.

This week, Chris takes a look back at a narrative tool that seems to have fallen out of favor: the classic Thought Bubble! You don't see them too much anymore, and Chris gives you his theory on why.

Show Notes:

  • If you're one of the three people who doesn't already have them, Watchmen and The Dark Knight Returns are probably things you should read.
  • Scott McCloud lays out theories of how words and pictures work together in Understanding Comics, something you should also read.