I don't know about you, but I get kind of bummed out when I consider many of my favorite historical figures didn't have access to superhero comic books. My extremely unhealthy projections onto others aside, my sadness is consoled in part by a particularly fun image of "Historical Superheroes," featuring superhero-ized versions of The Wright Brothers, Marie Curie and more.

Submitted by user Polynothing (a collaboration between Joshua Kemble and "Frickin Awesome), the design is currently up for voting at Threadless. I'm not going to tell you how to vote because I'm an impartial observer of truth in my imagination, but I will say that this design really appeals to my shirty sensibilities on a deep personal level. Full disclosure means I'm still legit, right?

I know the key emblem worn by Benjamin Franklin is an icon related to his kite-flying electricity experiment, but I can't help but make a fan connection to "The Escapist." Come to think of it, that'd make a pretty righteous team up.

[Via Superpunch]