The E-Mug

Available From: FanGamer

Price: $34.00

If you're like me, then actually waking up and getting to work is one of the hardest parts of your day. Sometimes, you just don't have the energy to roll out of bed, slide underneath a crushing row of spikes, call on your robot dog to cross a chasm, and then get shot at by a weird little robot in a frustratingly impenetrable hardhat.

Obviously, you need a cup of coffee to kick things off. And if that's the case, why not drink from something that represents the energy you're getting in true Mega Man fashion?At $34, Fangamer's E-Mug is pretty pricey, but it is a hefty chunk of sculpted drinkware that's perfect for the Robot Master in need of a pick-me-up on your shopping list. Plus, it comes with a PVC coaster to set it on (and for an extra eight bucks, you can throw in a full set of four).

If you're not sure whether someone will get the full benefit of a caffeinated E-though, you might want to spend $5 and give the Life Meter Pin instead:

Just keep in mind that if it actually does get down to that last heart, a cup of coffee probably won't help. I mean... it couldn't hurt, but still.

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