The Best of Archie Comics Book 1 and Book 2

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Price: $9.99 each, or $17 for the set at

Between the $40 pinboards, the $35 mugs and the occasional $1,000 framed sketch of Batman riding a unicorn, this year's gift guide has skewed a little towards the pricey side of things. If, however, you're looking to stretch your gifting budget as far as it'll go, then don't worry: Archie has you covered with two cheap-but-massive volumes of really good comics.The two Best of Archie paperbacks are some of the best things the company's done in recent memory, taking advantage of their truly massive back catalog and bringing them to you in full color. Plus, each book features commentary from Archie creators on why each story was chosen. And there's good stuff in there, too -- volume 2 includes "Maid of Money," one of my favorite Josie stories of all time, where the beautiful Melody Valentine makes a dress out of dollar bills to wear to a dance and has to contend with lusty suitors asking her to make change. It's pretty great.

Also? Punk Jughead.

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