What's that, you say? You're over the incredible amount of adulation The Avengers movie has received since its debut in May, and want to see someone create a new trailer for the movie that acknowledges its flaws in an amusing manner? Honest Trailers has something that might be right up your alley, in that case...

Coinciding with The Avengers' release on Blu-ray and DVD, Honest Trailers' new trailer for the official-third-most-successful-movie-of-all-time recasts the movie as a teaming of Marvel's greatest heroes that it still has the movie rights to, and also admits that the Bruce Banner controlling his anger thing really did come out of nowhere, even if that shot was awesome.

The best thing about this trailer, however, is the fact that even though it makes fun of the movie non-stop, you still find yourself thinking, "I would totally go and see that movie" at the end of it. Either we really don't care that much about the mysterious energy behind the Tesseract, or the movie really is just that fun. Let's go for that second option, shall we?

[Via THR]

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