Did you know Hot Toys makes Iron Man figures? This week, the company announced its 51st Iron Man collectible. Just for a frame of reference, there have only been around 310 Movie Masterpiece figures (its most recognized series). Forty-nine of them have been sixth-scale Iron Man armors or Tony Starks, which means 16% of all Hot Toys figures are Iron Man in some capacity. Think about that.

The company's quarter-scale line hasn't been quite as robust, but in two out of the six are also Iron Man pieces. We've already seen the Iron Man MK XLIII 1/4 figure, but now the MK XLV will join him. Fresh from its silver screen appearance in Avengers: Age of Ultron, the MK XLV armor is just the sixth quarter-scale figure Hot Toys has ever developed. It's got all the bells and whistles you're likely accustomed to seeing from Hot Toys at this point, but this week has officially pushed Hot Toys' Iron Man collection into Fatal Attraction levels of obsession.

So, what makes this MK XLV different from its sixth-scale counterpart, outside of the size? This version comes with different chest plates and bicep plates, which can also be left off to expose the machinery in the pectoral region. Much of the articulation appears to be the same, and you'll also get a few different hands to swap around. What you won't get in this bigger figure are any of the booster or laser attachments. At their expense, you will get more LED light functionality. There are new blue lights in his back and ribs, which I'm guessing were added simply due to the room the larger scale figure affords.

The standard version will include a nice base with a busted up Ultron Sentry, but the limited version will also feature a detachable Ultron Sentry head for him to hold. It's a similar inclusion as the quarter-scale figure, only this time you have to hope you get a limited version to get the whole package. Neither includes a Tony Stark head, but Hot Toys has hinted there will be a secret accessory joining the MK XLV 1/4 version. I'd say it's an Ultron heart, but Scarlet Witch already comes with one of those, and it also wouldn't make much sense for Iron Man to have it.

Like many of Hot Toys' announcements this week, there are no pricing or release date details as of yet. The 1/4 scale Iron Man MK XLIII is currently retailing for $544.99, so it's likely this one will fall in that same range. We'll update this post when Sideshow Collectibles has more details.

Update: Pre-orders are now open. The Iron Man MK XLV quarter-scale figure will retail for $549.99 and will be released between June and August 2016.


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