Not going to lie. I was a little worried about Russell Crowe playing Superman's dad Jor-El after seeing him in a decent chunk of The Man With The Iron Fists, but he turned out to do just fine in Man of Steel. I guess acting alongside a CGI alien dragon horse thing brings out the best in a former Gladiator? Hot Toys seems to have dug him too, revealing an upcoming 1/6 scale Jor-El figure bearing a spot-on Crowe likeness and rocking killer Kryptonian garb, alternate hands and a stylized space rifle.

The figure won't arrive online or in brick-and-mortar stores until at least the first quarter of 2014. As usual for Hot Toys, the exact pricing info is still in the offing, but since the similar MoS Supes figure is going for around $200, Big J here will surely run for a similar amount. Fans would probably pay triple that if it meant getting an in-scale Kryptonian dragon for him to ride, though...

You can see all of HT's promo image sof its upcoming Man of Steel Jor-El below.



[Via Hot Toys]