Hot Toys is set to expand on its Iron Man 2 and Iron Man 3 Cosbaby lines with a second series of IM3 figures in 2014. While the first series seemed more like an IM2 expansion with figures meant to more or less fill out Tony Stark's Hall of Armors, this second wave is pretty firmly rooted in IM3 with baby-ized versions of Iron Man Mark XLII, Battle Damaged Iron Man XLII, Pepper Potts in the XLII amor, Tony Stark, Iron Patriot and War Machine Mark II.

Befitting the line's standards, each 3" tall figure will come with a special base that fits in with Stark's workshop -- except for War Machine and Iron Patriot, who come with bases that mimic landing via plumes of repulsor thruster energy. Hot Toys hasn't announced official pricing info for the new series yet, but its Cosbaby figures usually retail for about $10-12 a piece.

Check out the upcoming Hot Toys Iron Man 3 Cosbaby series 2 figures below.



[Via Hot Toys]