Hot Toys has put out a few versions of the Joker as portrayed by Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight over the past few years, but the Hong Kong toymaker's latest version is ready to perform magic -- namely, making a pencil disappear. Dubbed "The Joker 2.0," the upcoming 1/6 scale figure comes with the usual HT accessories (tons of hands), plus unique items like handcuffs, guns, cash money, a bunch of knives, a rather sharp pencil and an interrogation desk for Batman to slam his head into in vain. The toy will also sport swappable heads bearing appropriately smeared makeup so collectors can pin down just the right sadistic expression on their plastic agent of chaos. What's more, the heads will equipped with HT's "Parallel Eyeball Rolling System (PERS)," which allows users to customize the figure's expression at will. No official release date has been announced, although the figure is expected out by the end of 2012 for around $250. You can take a closer look at all the upcoming Joker 2.0 figure after the jump.

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[Via Hot Toys]