Few toy collectors would disagree that the sculptors at Hot Toys are responsible for some of the most meticulously detailed action figures currently on the market. The company is currently in the process of teasing out their upcoming "Iron Man 2" products, but these toys aren't as universally film accurate as you might expect, at least not in the baby department.

In addition to the already announced Iron Man Mark IV and War Machine collectibles, Hot Toys just started to tease the existence of a heavily detailed Whiplash action figure. Additionally, they also have a line of "Iron Man 2 Mini Cosbaby" toys that couldn't possibly more different. Sporting Mickey Mouse feet and wide-eyed faces filled with innocence, it's hard to take a threat like the Whiplash Cosbaby seriously - until you remember that other menacing version that Hot Toys has coming out, that is.

Both the Cosbaby series and the upcoming Whiplash figure are currently available for preorder at the Big Bad Toy Store.[Source: Super Punch]