The Xbox 360's Kinect has given motion gamers their share of advanced experiences, but beyond that, it's given crafty hackers a means of digital cosplay. We've seen fans create Superman holograms and their own personal sound effects, but Graham Milton's new comics-friendly hack transforms users into green-skinned incredible hulks with serious smashing skills.Milton's video description is full of wonderful jargon that you tech heads will dig like, "hooked Flash running w/ Molehill (hardware acceleration) up to the Kinect and Box2d." It's just the kind of thing Bruce Banner would scrawl on a chalkboard while working feverishly to achieve a possible cure for his monstrous condition... as the military crashed into his lab, destroying his chances and causing him to hulk out once more!

Fortunately the demonstrated hack itself is far less tragic, simply turning users' skin green and letting them knock over buildings. Maybe Sega will want to tap Milton's talents for a followup to their 2008 The Incredible Hulk movie adaptation?

See the Kinect hack in action below: