So, it's March. For me, that means it's my birthday month. For sports fans, it's basketball season thanks to March Madness. But for Darren Rawlings, March Madness means something else entirely - for him, it's all about The Incredible Hulk.

Rawlings, a Toronto-based artist and the creator of "Agent Orange," has decided to use March Madness as an opportunity to explore the Hulk's own madness in a series of illustrations that pit the Jade Giant against several of your favorite comic book heroes. So far, Hulk has gone fist-to-jaw against Mr. Fantastic, Iron Man and members of the X-Men. Further battles are sure to come as Rawlings plans to post "at least 2 or 3 Hulk sketches a week."

The artist is also opening the floor to reader suggestions for sketches, so if you've got any urges to see Hulk square off against particular characters, make sure to give him a shout at his blog. See his current images after the jump.

[Link via Super Punch]

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