There's some disturbing news out of the United Kingdom this morning involving some of our favorite costumed heroes wreaking havoc in a Worcester neighborhood. Apparently, it all started with a group of students who were attending a superhero-themed party.

So far so good, except that upon leaving, several of the students demonstrated that a night of drinking while wearing superhero costumes may be a little too exciting for some people, as detailed by the Worchester News:

A student dressed as the Incredible Hulk has written-off a car by jumping on to its roof on the way home from a fancy dress party in the early hours... Andy Churchill, of Hylton Road, St John's, was woken in the early hours by a loud bang and later discovered the sunroof of his wife's car had been smashed with the roof itself badly dented.

After speaking to a neighbour the 49-year-old was told they saw a young man dressed as the Incredible Hulk jumping up and down on the Ford Fiesta at around 3.30am yesterday morning.

Police are now trying to trace the offender, but believe a number of students may have been out dressed as the Marvel Comic character on Sunday evening. Bev Churchill, aged 52, said she saw a man dressed as Superman and a Thunderbird earlier in the evening.
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While no one at CA condones property damage or drunken stupidity, there's a certain of level of dedication involved in this level of Drunk Hulk cosplay. Superman was also spotted earlier in the evening, along with a mysterious "Thunderbird" -- no word on whether it was an actual thunderbird or this guy -- and whether or not he attempted to put a stop to the Hulk's rampage, as well as the identity of the culprit, are still mysteries to local authorities.