The Humble Bundle's biweekly book sales have become a bit of a risky proposition for people on the lookout for cheap comics. On the one hand, you can get a whole bunch of stuff for whatever price you want to pay, with more content unlocked at a still-pretty-low price of $15, and you get to support a charity while you're at it. On the other hand, sometimes you end up reading a bunch of Transformers comics for the next six months.

Really, though, it's almost always worth looking into, and the bundle that launched this week is no exception. The theme is comics based on music, and for $15, you can grab the first volume of The Wicked + The DivinePhonogram, Nowhere MenHip Hop Family Tree, and more.


The Hip Hop Family Tree, by Ed Piskor


For me, the big draws of this week's bundle are The Wicked + The Divine, Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie, Matt Wilson, and Clayton Cowles' beautiful book about gods as pop stars (or pop stars as gods, depending on how you want to look at it), and Ed Piskor's Hip Hop Family Tree, an illustrated look back at the origins of hip hop that draws frequent comparisons to the world of superheroes. Plus, it has Piskor's take on a behind-the-scenes story of Spike Lee and Rob Liefeld's (in)famous Levi's commercial, drawn in The Rob's style.

Also, there's a prose book in there about Rush drummer Neil Peart, if, y'know, that's your thing.

The bundle will be running for the next two weeks, and as usual, more titles will be added halfway through, with current backers getting access to them as they're announced.


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