Though it may be hard to believe, most folks working in the comic book industry were at one time plain ol' fans who did fanboy type stuff -- case in point, former DC/Oni/Dark Horse and current IDW editor, Bob Schreck, who back in the early 1980's made a fan film titled "The Incredible Hulk Meets The Ever Lovin' Blue Eyed Thing."

The flick -- long talked about among industry pros but rarely, if ever, seen -- can now be watched (and should be watched) by everyone thanks to one of the short film's creators, Gerry Giovinco (who not only played The Thing but also made the costume), posting it in its entirety at While YouTube has made anyone with a digital camera and a copy of iMovie the next Christopher Nolan these days (or so they'd like to believe), "Hulk Meets Thing" harkens back to a time when internet fame was non-existent, and most folks did stuff like this simply for fun.A bit of history: The Incredible Hulk Meets The Ever Lovin' Blue Eyed Thing -- which, if the copyright is to be believed, debuted in 1982 -- was shown to Creation Convention attendees back in the early '80s and features a Who's Who of pop culture icons like Superman, Darth Vader, Generic Scantily Clad Lass, Spider-Man, and so on. The film was produced, directed and written by Schreck, Bob Karwoski and Larry Riggiero, edited by Marc Hawwood, and starred the aforementioned Giovinco and Kevin Van Wagner as Hulk.

Check it out, and be sure to compliment Schreck on his stellar performance as "Wookie" and "Himself" the next time you see him at a Con!

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