There are still a moon’s worth of details to sort out on Marvel’s The Inhumans TV series before a 2017 premiere, but IMAX may be looking to lock down a schedule early. Not only does the theater company have a projected date and runtime for the new series, we may also know its official ABC premiere date.

Take this with a grain of salt for the moment, as it seems early yet to have every detail locked down, but IMAX Entertainment CEO Greg Foster offered a few more specifics in a recent an investors conference (via The Hollywood Reporter), including potential ABC scheduling. Not only will the first two episodes of the series (said to be around 80 minutes in runtime) hit IMAX theaters on September 1, running for two weeks theatrically thereafter, but the ABC iteration will premiere on Tuesday, September 26.

For those keeping score on what The Inhumans might mean for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 5, Inhumans will likely run an uninterrupted eight weeks on Tuesdays.

For the moment, few other details of The Inhumans are known, other than a September IMAX release for the first two hours, and subsequent move along with the remaining six episodes to ABC. No casting has yet taken place (certainly not for Vin Diesel), nor has Marvel clarified what, if any relationship The Inhumans will have to other MCU TV series, or the still-possible Inhumans film.

In the meantime, what other Marvel-ous details should we expect when The Inhumans hits theaters in 2017?


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