Has the promotional campaign for "Iron Man 2" finally gone too far? After the introduction of the Whiplash Whopper - one of the only marketing tools in the entire world guaranteed to turn your bowels into mush - I'm pretty sure we're already over the line, but still, decimating a castle in the name of Tony Stark is a little much.

Alright, so England's Rochester Castle is still intact, but you would hardly know that based upon a recent event put together by Sony Music in promotion for the recently announced "AC/DC Iron Man 2" soundtrack. According to io9, a company called Seeper turned Rochester Castle - "the site of a thousand years of violent history" - into a canvas for a wild display of visual shenanigans designed to shock and awe both comic book fans and the mainstream public alike.

Click past the jump for the full video of the event!

[Source: William Gibson via io9]

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