When Stark Industries isn't busy augmenting armor in "Iron Man 2," the fictional company goes a step further and straight enhances real life with the new Iron Man 2: Augmented Reality Experience by PPC Interactive.

To access the experience, Mac and PC users need an active webcam, which is used to frame one's face in either an Iron Man or War Machine helmet. The camera tracks movement to make users feel like they're inside the armor - from either a first or third person perspective. It's like an armored window into your very soul!

One of the most engaging features of the experience is the fact that users can record their iron adventures and share them with friends. I tried that feature out, and while it's fun, I'm pretty sure nobody wants to watch me look out my window for poofy cats in a CG helmet all afternoon.

Check out a video demo after the jump - maybe your reality won't need quite as much augmentation.

[Via Annie OK]