Given that they were both super hero movie sequel blockbusters, a lot of folks have compared "Iron Man 2" with "The Dark Knight." I'm going to leave it up to mega fans to compare the two movies' similar themes of hero/villain escalation and other storytelling commonalities, but thanks to Universal Designs Replicas there's now one shared thread running between the two films that's indisputable: motorcycle suit merchandise.

UDR's "Dark Knight" duds arrived a few months back, followed by another leather suit based on Hugh Jackman's Wolverine attire. Iron Man fans even had word that a suit of armor was in the pipeline for the two-wheeled road warriors among us and just as our own Josh Wigler had hoped, the IM gear comes in the form of the Mark V briefcase armor.

As of this post it's unclear how much the suit will cost, whether a working arc reactor comes built in as a standard feature or even if it transforms into something resembling luggage when removed, but it definitely looks like it could take a repulsor-powered lashing (or a light spill when accompanied by an accompanying Iron Man helmet, which would actually look pretty awesome).