A day after Marvel teased a new creative team for The Invincible Iron Man as part of its Marvel NOW! relaunch, the House of Ideas is at it again, promising that Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic will be "worthy" in November.Today's tease would seem to suggest that the two creators -- best known, perhaps, for their work on Wolverine and Wolverine and The X-Men (Aaron) and Uncanny X-Force and Ultimate Comics: Ultimates (Ribic) -- will be teaming up for a new Thor title to launch this winter. Certainly, the previous incarnation of that series, The Mighty Thor, ends a month prior with October's #21, clearing the way for a series relaunch. And yet... The "worthy" term has gained a new meaning in Marvel mythology after 2011's Fear Itself event, as the word became a description of those granted superpowers by the Serpent's mystical, mythical hammers. At the end of spin-off series Fear Itself: The Fearless, those hammers were (Spoiler!) carted off by Asgardian Valkyrie, pledging to be their guardians for all time; it's unlikely, but not entirely impossible, that the "Worthy" tease could refer to a new team book for those various Valkyrie... (Especially considering that Thor is usually referred to using the "Mighty" adjective).

Whichever route Marvel takes, we'll discover the meaning of "worthy" soon enough. The Marvel solicits for November are due within a couple of weeks, and more than likely, we'll have an announcement of these new titles before then. The more immediate question is, with this tease following yesterday's "Invincible" image, what word should we expect from Marvel tomorrow?

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