Jeff Parker and Steve Lieber's 5-issue "Underground" series from Image Comics gets collected in trade paperback form this Wednesday and the creative team is going to great lengths to get the word out. Working from the idea that more publishers equals more sales, they're angling for nearly every comic book company in the North American Market.

Here's what Lieber had to say in the "Underground" team's "official" [insert winks and nods aplenty here] press release:

"Jeff Parker, Ron Chan and I are tremendously pleased with the job Image Central has done publishing Underground. But we recognize that every publisher has its limits and can only sell to so many of its readers before hitting their ceiling for potential sales. To circumvent that, when the book ships this Wednesday, we're going to release targeted editions of Underground from every publisher and imprint in the North American market."

Give the covers a look after the jump. We think we have a pretty good handle on which images are intended for which publishers, but you are highly encouraged to draw your own conclusions.

Image's official cover






Dark Horse?

Robert Kirkman?

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