Character mash-ups -- especially when they involve Star Wars -- can get pretty tiresome, but I can give them a pass when they involve the original actors who portrayed the iconic characters in the mix -- or when they involve Batman: The Animated Series.

So when actor Mark Hamill got a Twitter request to make Luke Skywalker and his version of The Joker meet up -- at least vocally -- at Star Wars Weekends at Disney World, and then he did it, it was pretty magical. Take a look in the video above.

Yes, it was brief, but hearing Hamill do his Joker voice at all is quite special, considering that he announced he was retiring from doing the character back in 2011. He had been portraying the character since 1992.

Near the end of the video, Hamill says the character has really stuck with him:

Paul Dini wrote some of the best Joker episodes, and all these years later, lines pop into my head like [adopts Joker voice], "Without Batman, crime has no punchline!" [back to normal voice] which I love. "Crime has no punchline"? Like it needs one? He's just wonderful.

Mark Hamill, you are a treasure. Come back for Arkham Knight, won't you?

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