We're big fans of Kevin Wada here at ComicsAlliance, because we have eyes and we can see. We're also a big fan of A-Force, bringing together the formidable women of the Marvel Universe in butt-kicking high style. So after a long and exhausting work week, what better treat could we have than an exclusive look at Kevin Wada's variant cover for the upcoming A-Force #3?

A-Force, by Marguerite Bennett, G. Willow Wilson, and Jorge Molina, is one of the standout delights of the Secret Wars event, and one that we're very glad to know will continue when Battleworld is packed away in its toy chest. Part of what makes it great is seeing these heroes interact with each other, building relationships, and establishing their chemistry. Women being friends with other women; a sight that's still too rare in superhero comics.

That's the same energy that Wada captures here, with his inevitably chic takes on She-Hulk, Storm, Medusa, Nico Minoru, Black Widow, and Singularity, all hanging out and shooting the breeze on the stoop of (presumably) a New York City brownstone --- though Queen Medusa looks like she's waiting for her jet to land and whisk her off to Biarritz.

The rest of them look cool too, but not so cool they wouldn't let you come hang out and share the ice cream. Storm probably won't show you whatever she's showing She-Hulk on that phone, though.

Here's the solicitation for the book, out August 12th:


Variant Cover by KEVIN WADA
• She-Hulk has violated the most sacred rule of Battleworld…
• …and now A-Force is on the run from the planet’s protectors: The Thor Corps!
• And while trying to prove her innocence, She-Hulk discovers that one of her own may have engineered her downfall…
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99


For more Wada art, check out our gallery of some of his very best convention sketches:


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