Unless you're a seasoned cosplayer at a comics or gaming convention, most "civilians" wait until Halloween night to invoke in their superheroic alter-egos, and celebrities are no exception. Along those lines, socialite Kim Kardashian explored her villainous side in a custom-made Poison Ivy costume at Halloween events over the past weekend. Kardashian, who previously channeled Wonder Woman for Halloween in 2008, donned a fiery red wig and a foliage frock as she attended the Midori Melon Green Halloween Party in New York City this past Saturday.

Check out Kim Kardashian's Poison Ivy costume (with additional commentary from ComicsAlliance) under the cut!

[photo via The Superficial]

Kardashian's costume appears to be comprised of a strapless green leotard and a structured green skirt, with the entire ensemble embellished with faux ivy garlands and leaves. She accessorized her toxic attire with gold bangles, nude fishnets, and shimmering silver platformed heels. Her Halloween look was topped off with Pamela Isley's signature fire red coif, with a healthy dose of foliage floating around in her locks and on her eyebrows.

One important thing to note about Poison Ivy cosplay is that this character is one of the few who's virtually completely open for interpretation, aside from a handful of distinct looks (such as Arkham Asylum, Batman & Robin, and Batman: The Animated Series). Depending on the look you're going for, Poison Ivy can vary from being a simple, last-minute costume to put together from items in your closet, to a long and intricate process that requires a green body paint and vine-like prosthetics.

Kardashian's costume is a rather stylish take on Poison Ivy; the leaves on the bodice and the draping of the garlands on the skirt strategically draw the eye to her hourglass silhouette. While I usually favor long green gloves and/or minimal accessories for Ivy, I don't mind the gold bangles as an accent. However, the sky-high silver heels look completely out of place. Although the wig is pretty spot-on, I can't help but wish that she recreated Uma Thurman's Poison Ivy odango from Batman & Robin to match those audaciously leafy eyebrows.

Kim Kardashian completed her look by attending the party with her friend/sidekick, Jonathan Cheban, who wore a less-stylish Robin costume from Rubie's Costume.

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