While Jason Aaron and Adam Kubert explored Wolverine's ceaseless adventuring aptly in their "A Day in the Life" comic storyline last summer, nerdcore rockers Kirby Krackle have taken surmising the schedule of Marvel's most in-demand mutant one step further with a brand-new video of the super catchy "On and On" from their latest album "E for Everyone."

Directed by Todd Downing, the video follows Logan through his typically jam-packed week. Highlights include a journey through the fern-furnished Savage Land, a gym battle with the Hand's red-clad ninja and a nightly bullet removal regimen. My favorite portion of the video comes during the song's bridge, however, which sees Logan drowning his sorrows alongside his X-pals, secretly longing for a certain redhead. Love hurts, bub!

We've seen KK perform "On and On" both unplugged and live (with Marvel's Joe Quesada no less), but the new video is definitely something "X-tra" special. See for yourself after the jump.

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