IDW Publishing will expand on its existing KISS comic book line this fall with a new all-ages series starring the titular rock stars as young children kicking out the jams as they foil the plans of their evil school principal. KISS Kids re-imagines bassist Gene Simmons' stage persona "The Demon" as "Li'l Demon"; guitarist Ace Frehley's "Spaceman" as "Spacey"; drummer Peter Criss' "Catman" as "Catkid"; and singer Paul Stanley's "Starchild" as, well, "Starchild," since that works just fine.

KISS Kids will be hyped to KISS comic book fans in the form of a one-page strip printed on the back of all four issues of IDW's KISS Solo series, spotlighting each member of the band (presumably as grown-ups), but you can take an early look below.

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"KISS is used to rocking and rolling all night and partying every day, but back when they were little'uns, those things only happened around nap time," said Chris Ryall IDW's Chief Creative Officer/Editor-in-Chief and co-writer of KISS Kids with Tom Waltz. "This series will appeal to kids and Kiss fans of all ages, as we see the school-age band engage robots, evil teachers, other students, and much more, all filtered through the KISS lens. Beth, the school's Doctor Love, the snooty Torpedo Girls, the bratty "Wicked" Lester, nefarious Principal Elder... they're all here for this accessible, funny, and appealing new series."

Drawn by Jose Holder (Mars Attacks, The Real Ghostbusters), KISS Kids #1 goes on sale later this fall in your local comic book store and digitally from ComiXology.

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