For comic fans, Build-A-Bear Workshops can look like royal yawns, but can you imagine how big the lines would be outside of a Build-A-Cobra-Commander Workshop? A plushie sculptor named Jennifer, who goes by the online moniker "Kittyzilla," wasted no time filling in a gap in the soft supervillain market, and thanks to her, we now have stuffed Deathstrokes and Red Skulls to hold our children hostage while they sleep at night.
Huggable editions of Ragman and Etrigan can also be spotted if you look hard enough on her Handmade Stuffs website. None of this tops her squishy Ambush Bug, of course; in fact, if they gave out Nobel Prizes for achievements in soft Ambush Bug dolls, she would own the category this year.

If you want to own a fluffy Rorschach or Skeletor that you can sleep with at night, you should also drop by her Etsy account, where such things are sold. If you want, you can even sleep with Blue Beetle and Booster Gold at the same time. How much better did your day get now that you know that?

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