Doing our part to keep from destroying the Earth is all well and good, but I have to admit, I'm equally amused and baffled by Jerome Genevray's YouTube video "Le GreenBoy & The Dirty Girl." Rather than promoting a clear message of more environmentally sustainable living or providing any instruction for "green" behaviors, its essentially just a really nicely shot "We Are Enfant Terrible" music video starring a goofy dude in a unicorn-meets-Kick-Ass costume and Johnny Depp's sister-in-law (Alysson Paradis).

Conceptually, blending French chiptunes funk with a superhero story about an eco-friendly waiter who cleans/tags Paris with his emblem should completely and utterly works for me. Its execution, while nice to look at, leaves me scratching my head a bit, though. I mean, is he supposed to be fighting the BP oil spill? In Paris? Zuh? I'll chalk my mild confusion up to the language barrier for now and hope that if this trailer ever springboards into a feature-length film, I can enjoy GreenBoy's potential substance in tandem with its style. Watch the elegant weirdness after the jump.