Thor began his Marvel adventures by journeying into mystery, but now the Odinson is expanding into astonishing territory. This November, writer Rob Rodi ("The Mighty Thor: Loki"), artist Mike Choi and cover artist Esad Ribic take on the Asgardian in "Astonishing Thor" #1, the first issue of a new limited series -- essentially ringing fans three consistent doses of Mjolnir's might for the time being.

According to Marvel's official press release, the series will set Thor on an important mission that will test his heroism across the far reaches of the Marvel U:

"Astonishing Thor spins directly out of Siege and has major repercussions for Thor," explained David Gabriel, Marvel Senior Vice President of Publishing, Sales, and Circulation. "Rob Rodi and Mike Choi are bringing their A-game to this book and fans will love what they have in store. Firmly set in current Marvel continuity, the Astonishing line also serves as a great jumping on point for all readers!"

See the full cover image after the jump.

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