Fans who hit the DC booth at New York Comic Con got a first look at Lego's upcoming Batcave, the second version of the Caped Crusader's blocky abode from a line that's spawned multiple sets and a well-received videogame over the past few years. While the original Lego Batcave sported a very black and gray design that harkened back to the Burton era films a bit, this new model packs in considerably more color, with yellows and blues abound. The new Batcave also seems to contain fewer pieces than its predecessor, swapping out three aquatic vehicles for a Batcycle of some kind and a drill tank for Bane. The changes aren't all about scale, however, with this new Batcave packing a more modern Robin, a revamped Batcomputer and what appears to be the Batphone a.k.a. "the hotline" from the '60s live action Batman TV series. Check out a fuller rundown of the upcoming Lego Batcave's features after the jump.

Judging from the product image, the theme of this set seems to be Bane drilling his way into the Batcave to break out a currently imprisoned Poison Ivy. This vague storyline may seem like it has more to do with Joel Schumacher's dreaded Batman and Robin than the hotly anticipated and very Bane-heavy The Dark Knight Rises, but we all know Lego is too kind to subject anyone to the former scenario.

Check out more images of the Batcave below:

A side-by-side comparison of the old and new Lego Batcaves

The Batphone/"The Hotline" makes its Lego debut

Some kind of Batsuit monitor

Batman's Bat-Gear, which includes Bat Cuffs, Batarangs and... Batnoculars?

Angry Lego Poison Ivy in a holding unit

The new Batcomputer (and stylish red mug)

Bane tooling around in a projectile-firing drill tank, which would probably make the Technodrome's mutant modules blush

A new Robin figure sporting his pre-"New 52" costume

Batman cruising around on something of a Lego Batpod

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