With the release of Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes just a day away, perhaps you need just one more glimpse at what -- and who -- to expect from the all-talking, all-building video game sequel. For those who've been eagerly awaiting the Lego debut of the Martian Manhunter (You know who you are) it's time to get very excited indeed.Entertainment Weekly is currently hosting the debut of the launch trailer for the new game, which sees J'Onn J'Onzz back in his familiar, pre-New 52 role as the backbone of the Justice League -- a.k.a. the guy who sits in the base and tells everyone else to get going -- as well as previously seen heroes such as the Flash, Cyborg and Wonder Woman .The trailer also shows what happens when the World's Finest superheroes come face to face with the receptionist from hell:

The site also has a quote from TT Games head of production, Jonathan Smith, who said that it took "more people, and more meetings" than usual to build Gotham City out of Lego:

We have a sense of Gotham, but Gotham can be many things. Over the decades, it's taken many different forms. [The game's Gotham will] feature all the most memorable buildings that we have seen over the decades.

Lego Batman 2 is released tomorrow across pretty much every current-generation gaming platform.

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