The summer of San Diego Comic-Con exclusive announcements continue ahead of this year's show with another impressive effort from Lego. After already announcing a few Star Wars sets and a Marvel exclusive or two for SDCC, Lego finally unveiled a DC Comics selection for the big event. Commemorating the first appearance of Superman, the Lego DC Super Heroes Action Comics set will be available for the first time in a limited quantity at SDCC 15.

The exclusive was unveiled on Collider, as were the first details of how much it'll cost, and how incredibly arduous the process will be in trying to obtain one for yourself. The set comes in at a surprising 145 pieces, which seems like a lot until you look at just how many bricks are being used in the car alone. It's actually a very nice recreation of Joe Shuster's original cover, minus the panicked man in the corner, the guy Superman almost crushes beneath the car, and the cowardly criminal already speeding off into the sunset.

At $39.95, it's a bit pricier than you'd normally expect to pay for such a small set. Then again it is a Comic-Con exclusive, which automatically jacks the price up no matter what. Still, for the price of a few movie tickets, you could have this cool-looking Lego-fied Action Comics #1 scenario on your desk, which would immediately ramp up your cool factor... as long as you work in a place with at least one other comic nerd. Oh, and provided you can actually get your hands on one.

You see, you can't just wait in line to buy one; you're going to have to wait in line for a ticket that you then take to another line, where they'll tell you if you had a winning number. Only then can you buy one of these exclusives. You can only try to redeem one ticket per day. That means if you strike out on Thursday, you'll have to be back in line again Friday, and potentially Saturday and Sunday, too, just for the chance to maybe have the honor of buying a Lego set on site. You could always wait on second-hand markets, but you can believe this set will hit triple figures by Wednesday night. Cool. Cool, cool, cool.

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