Despite the numerous Lego-fied versions of the Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer that clogged YouTube just days after Batfleck questioned the Man of Steel's hemorrhaging capabilities, there's been little word from Lego itself about potential sets based on Warner Bros. 2016 tentpole film. There was little doubt the block maker would release tie-in sets based on the success of its DC Super Heroes line, as well as the fact that Man of Steel got three sets of its own a few years back. However, today, the Lego Group confirmed that there would indeed be BvS:DoJ collectibles coming in 2016.

Batman's starred in his fair share of Lego sets. Actually, he's been in pretty much every single DC set Lego has produced since 1949, as well as numerous video games and movies. Lego loves Batman. Superman has been less of a favorite (last) son for Lego, but he's also been abundantly present in the Lego catalog in recent years. Getting the two of them in a set together isn't the most amazing news, but that these sets will be based on the movie does bode well for our chances of seeing more Justice Leaguers like Wonder Woman and Aquaman as Lego characters.

There are virtually no other details about Lego's plans for BvS:DoJ sets, as the movie itself is tightly under wraps. We only just got the first full look at the Batmobile and the costumes for Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman (outside of promotional images) this week. Still, based on Lego's recent commitment to movie-based kits, we can assume there'll be at least three different sets of various sizes available. If the Avengers line is any indication, there will be many more than just three, but the Man of Steel barely made a blip when it came to Lego, so anything is possible at this point.



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