Threads: Ryan North's Dinosaur Comics gets the 8-bit treatment on a new tee... You guys! [TopatoCo]

National Security: The United States Army has a training is apparently using an online teaching module to educate its soldiers against Subversion and Espionage Directed Against the Army... using The General? (No, not really, but it's still awful) [Gawker]

Crime: Someone stole two copies of Kramers Ergot v.7 from the Pigeon Press booth at APE last weekend. If you've got info on the matter, you can contact PP at Blog Flume. [The Comics Reporter]

Custom Toys: The Whiskey Tango Custom Shop pieces together a colorful Deadpool Corps. [Toycutter]

Sports: ESPN Magazine's Marvel mashup cover hits today and has been making the rounds on Twitter via a few creators and staffers from the House of Ideas. I know Kevin Durant plays for a team with a thunder motif, but he sure makes Mjolnir look light. [Twitter @remender]

Trailers: Douglas Wolk pointed out Jim Trombetta's The Horror! The Horror! Comic Books the Government Didn't Want You to Read! this past week and Abrams Books' new video trailer thoroughly cements my interest. [Boing Boing]

Gaming: DC Universe Online shines its spotlight on actor James Marsters (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Torchwood) who lends his voice to Lex Luthor in the upcoming MMORPG. [DC Universe Online]

Toys: Diamond Select's upcoming classic Excalibur Minimates box set by Art Asylum features Captain Britain, Nightcrawler, Juggernaut and an exclusive Megan figure looking their blocky best. [Marvelousnews]

Animation: Stephan Pastis' Pears Before Swine comic strip may not have its own cartoon, but these recent animations are a nice appetizer. [The Daily Cartoonist]