Toys: Art Asylum and Diamond Select Toys will release an Age of X box set that includes Magneto (Legacy), Cyclops (Basilisk), Rogue and Gambit this fall. [Art Asylum]

Homes: If you're looking to live in the former Santa Rosa home of Peanuts creator Charles Schulz, now is your chance. You do have $2 million, right? [TCR]

Gaming: Margaret Weis Productions has a Marvel RPG in the works for 2012 with a crossover event theme in mind. blah. [io9]

Gaming: If you're interested in trying out the fake Batman vs. fake Jokers game Gotham City Impostors now is your chance to sign up for the Beta, which launches in September. [Joystiq]

Humor: Captain America may have taken the Super Soldier serum (and don't forget Vita-Rays!) to maximize his Nazi-killing performance, but I think most of the world is just fine with that. [Topless Robot]

Digital: The Comic Buyers Guide is now available digitally on iVerse's Comics + app. [comicspl]

Cars: The Batmobile limousine looks like its got enough room for half of Arkham Asylum. [Dvice]

Digital: Toura's Comix Classix: Underground Comics iOS app was approved for the iPad by Apple, but was censored for the iPhone. The inconsistency seems to be based on error rather than malice. [ICv2]

Gaming: Mega Man's life would've been much easier with a Portal gun. Players' lives would have been much easier if they'd have gotten to beat Dr. Wily to death. [Dorkly]